Tommy's Place in Falmouth is a vacation home for kids fighting cancer


It takes a village...

"Tommy's Place" is a vacation home for kids fighting cancer.  The home will be a place to relax, make memories and most importantly have fun!  To ensure privacy, one family at a time will stay in the home for up to a week - free of charge. The house will have enough space for the immediate family, extended family as well as any friends and caregivers that are all part of the support system. For these children and their families, one of the most important aspects of dealing with cancer is having a supportive community.  “It takes a village” is especially true when dealing with childhood cancer.  "Tommy's Place" will be an HGTV Dream Home/Disney like experience with individually designed and decorated rooms, inground swimming pool, game room, home theatre and tavern, music and arts and crafts rooms and so much more!!

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Griffin and his family on Martha's Vineyard.

Tim O’Connell, Founder: How it all began...

Tim O’Connell, Founder of "Tommy’s Place", had the privilege of donating a dream Martha's Vineyard vacation to a little 8 year old boy named Grifyn and his family not too long ago.

"Little did I know at the time what an impact that it would have on the rest of my life, but way more importantly than that what an impact that it had on little Grifyn and his entire family.  Sadly, Grifyn passed away shortly after his visit to Martha’s Vineyard.  While we never met, we have an iron-clad bond that will never be broken. Everyone that is close to me knows Grifyn, because I have talked about him so many times over the years. That experience touched me so deeply that it is now my goal to share his story and memory with many more kids and their families fighting childhood cancer through the opening of a dream vacation home for kids battling cancer. This vacation home is being dedicated in memory of Grifyn Sawyer."

The vision

The Former Elm Arch Inn

Courtesy of Falmouth Museums on the Green

“Tommy’s Place” will also honor another special person in Tim’s life - Tommy Leonard, founder of the world famous Falmouth Road Race. (Tommy was also a legend in the Boston Marathon community).  He was a former runner, U.S. Marine, and bartender who worked in Falmouth at the hugely popular Quarterdeck Restaurant and formerly at the infamous Eliot Lounge in Boston. Tommy was most importantly known for his fun-loving spirit, positive attitude and for having a huge, loving and generous heart. “Tommy was an inspiration and has helped change my life just by being "Tommy".  Orphaned in his youth, this is my way of giving Tommy the “home” that he didn't have when he was growing up - allowing his generosity and legacy to live on forever in Falmouth by "welcoming" these courageous young children and families into his “home”, free of charge, to share in some fun and laughter during some of their most challenging times.  Quite frankly, in my opinion, he deserves to be honored with more than a plaque and a bench for all that he has done for the Falmouth community over the past 45 years" says O’Connell. 

Sadly, Tommy passed away in early 2019 before we could have him break through the finish line tape at Tommy's Place, but we will see to it that the legacy of Tommy Leonard lives on through Tommy's Place!

The New Home of "Tommy's Place"


Now the hard work begins, and with the help of the community, the goal is to restore the inn to its former glory and create an HGTV Dream Home/Walt Disney type experience for the visiting families. The home will feature 11 uniquely designed and decorated bedrooms and will have interior amenities such as a chef’s kitchen, game room, home theater, music room, arts/crafts room and much more. The exterior of the inn will be restored maintaining its historic features and will include a swimming pool, jungle gym, hockey / basketball area, fire pit, and koi pond. “Tommy’s Place” will not be a sterile hospital or hotel room, it will be a dream home vacation “experience” that the whole family can enjoy!

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